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Why Cork?

At Rosette Room we combine our love of succulents with a passion for sustainable design.

We saw many inherent problems with the traditional houseplant and cut flower industry, and we made it our mission to innovate and find a more sustainable design.  We worked hard to reduce plastic and green waste, which is common in the industry.  In our research we discovered the amazing benefits of cork, and we couldn't be more excited the share our custom designed cork containers with you.

Rosette Room

Top 5 Reasons to Love Succulents

We could go on and on about why we love succulents -- from the textures, varieties, colours, shapes, and sizes, there's so much to adore!  Don't you just love these little babies?

Here we outline for you the top 5 reasons why we love succulents here at Rosette Room.  Let us know what you think and why you love these plants, too!