Top 5 Reasons to Love Succulents

We could go on and on about why we love succulents -- from the textures, varieties, colours, shapes, and sizes, there's so much to adore!  Don't you just love these little babies?

Here we outline for you the top 5 reasons why we love succulents here at Rosette Room.  Let us know what you think and why you love these plants, too!

Top 5 reasons we love succulents:

1. Variety

Succulents come in so many beautiful shapes, sizes, textures and colours, and they don't mind being packed in together tightly into one arrangement.  We often get asked about our Big and Jumbo Rosettes and how they thrive while being packed together with so many plants in one arrangement.  In fact, these plants like being bundled in the same pot with other succulents, and this actually slows the growth rate of the plants. So you can really mix and match, to make a beautifully designed arrangement that will stay neat and last for months.

2. Propagation

You can fairly easily multiply your succulent collection through propagation. You just need healthy leaf or stem cuttings and a bit of patience!  We have successfully propagated hundreds and hundreds of baby plants with relatively little work.  With succulents, we have had success with water propagation, soil propagation, and we have even seen roots form on leaves that have been left out to dry.

3. Resilient

Succulents really are a low maintenance plant.  We lightly water ours every 7-10 days, and place them near a window that sees bright morning sun.  And that's it!  Our succulents thrive even in London, which is known for its cold and dark winters.  Even if you're busy and accidentally neglect your succulents for a few weeks (or months..), they usually bounce back very quickly after a little water and love.

4. Health Benefits

It's widely known that indoor plants provide great health benefits -- like air purification and helping you to breath easier.  They also have incredible calming effects to help reduce stress levels -- we love that!  Succulents in particular are known to have healing benefits, for example with plants like aloe vera that sooth skin irritations.

5. They're Cute!

Finally, we just find succulents to be so cute and aesthetically pleasing.  Of course we especially love any variety that produces a beautiful rosette shape, for example with the echeveria family. We like to use Rosettes to add a touch of style and life to our homes and office spaces, and we also love giving succulent arrangements as gifts.  They're a simple and easy way to spread lasting joy!

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