About Us

Rosette Room was created out of a passion for succulents, sustainable design and spreading joy.

Our founder grew up with a love of gardening and cultivating the earth; however, a busy schedule and city living seemed to constantly interfere with the care and upkeep required for most houseplants and cut floral arrangements.  Thus a love of succulents was born! These plants are both beautiful and incredibly forgiving -- they can even thrive when life gets in the way and you forget to water for weeks at a time.

At Rosette Room, we hand select each succulent and individually plant every arrangement to ensure the best quality and level of design.  We also provide simple care instructions and tools to make it easy for you to enjoy your Rosette for the long term.

We are also committed to doing our part for Mother Earth.  Our founder recognised the excessive waste and use of plastics across the houseplant and cut floral industry, and she set out to create a more sustainable model.  We are very excited about the custom designed cork planters used across all Rosette Room arrangements.  Our cork planters are 100% eco-friendly and offer a simple, stylish and sustainable design.

Whether you are buying a Rosette for yourself or a loved one, you can be sure that these beautifully crafted, hand selected succulent arrangements will arrive fresh and ready to enjoy.  Simply unwrap, place in a sunny spot, and enjoy!