How to care for your Rosette:

step 1. 

Carefully remove your new Rosette from its packaging and lightly dust off any dirt that might have moved around during transit. Take care not to touch the top side of the leaves, as this can leave impression marks.  Don't worry if you accidentally touch the leaves, as this won't hurt your Rosette!

step 2. 

Place your Rosette in a sunny location in your home or office.  We recommend somewhere that will see indirect sunlight for a few hours each day. Try to avoid areas that receives direct afternoon sun.  Like us, our Rosettes can sunburn! 

step 3. 

Water using the provided pipette every 7-10 days.  Simply insert the pipette near the base of each Rosette, and give each plant 2 to 3 full pipettes of water.  Try to avoid over-watering or getting water on the leaves, as both can lead to rotting.  Succulents are super resilient and can withstand periods of drought, so less is more with watering!

step 4.