What is Rosette Room?

Rosette Room provides succulent arrangements, which are hand selected locally, individually planted, and beautifully packaged.  All Rosette Room arrangements are planted in a 100% eco-friendly cork container, which offers a simple, stylish and sustainable design.  We also specifically developed a planting and care methodology to ensure your Rosette will thrive for the long term.  We believe adding life and style to your home or office should be easy!  Simply select your arrangement, and we will deliver a beautiful package that is ready to be enjoyed for months and years to come.

What is a Rosette?

Many succulents form a rosette shape whilst growing.  The leaves of the plant will grow out from the centre stem, which allows the plants to capture the most sunlight and the most moisture from the stem and roots.  We call plants that grow in this way "rosettes" as the pattern resembles the flower of a rose.  We love these flower-like plants, and all Rosette Room arrangements feature varieties of rosette succulents.  

What are succulents?

Succulents are a variety of plant that store water in the leaves, stems or roots. They are native to desert regions, and have adapted to survive harsh conditions. Great for the busy or forgetful gardener, these beautiful plants only require minimal watering and can withstand a good bit of neglect as they are able to rely on their stored water supply. Common succulents (and some of our favourites) include: Aloe Vera, Agave, Jade Plant, Pincushion Cactus, Zebra Plant, Panda Plant, and of course all of the beautiful Echeveria Rosettes! 

Will my Rosette look just like the picture?

Due to seasonal availability, the arrangement you receive may vary slightly from the picture shown on our website. However we only source the freshest and healthiest succulents for your arrangement, and we hand plant each and every succulent to ensure that your final product will be of the highest quality and design. 

Can I choose the succulents or cacti for my Rosette?

Due to seasonal availability you cannot choose the specific succulents for your Rosette, as we want to ensure we deliver the freshest and highest quality arrangement.  However we offer a wide variety and strive to deliver a beautiful arrangement that is sure to please. 

What should I do when I receive my Rosette?

When you receive your box, we recommend you carefully open the package as soon as possible. Remove your Rosette, and gently brush off any soil which may have moved around during transit.  Take care not to touch the top side of the leaves, as this may leave impression marks.  Don't stress if you accidentally touch the leaves, it won't hurt your Rosette!

We recommend you then use the provided pipette to lightly water your new arrangement, which may be slightly dry due to the days in transit.  To water, insert the pipette near the base of each succulent and give each plant 2-3 full pipettes of water.  Going forward, you should water your Rosette every 7-10 days using this same method.

Then place your Rosette in your home or office and enjoy!  We recommend you choose a location that will receive a few hours of indirect sunlight per day.

We also provide full watering and care instructions here, and our experts are available for any other questions you may have.  Contact us at hello@rosetteroom.co.uk, or on Facebook or Instagram @RosetteRoom. 

How often and how should I water my Rosette?

Succulents do not require a lot water to thrive, and a light watering every 7-10 days should be perfect. To water, insert the provided pipette near the base of each succulent and give each plant 2-3 full pipettes of water. Try to avoid getting water on the leaves, as this can cause rotting.  Don't fret if you forget to water every now and then, succulents are very resilient and built to withstand droughts. 

How much sun should my Rosette receive?

We recommend leaving your arrangement somewhere it can receive 3-5 hours of indirect sunlight. 

I live in a region with cold winters, will my Rosette survive?

Many succulents will thrive outdoors during the warmer summer months; however, in the colder seasons these plants should be kept indoors in a room where they can receive indirect sunlight for several hours a day. Succulents do not like to be exposed to temperatures below 4 degrees. Still they can tolerate some cooler temperatures, as they built to endure the cold desert nights.  

How long will my Rosette last?

You will be able to enjoy your arrangement in the cork container provided for several months. If you notice your arrangement is beginning to outgrow the container, you can remove some of the succulents or bottom leaves to make more room. Alternatively, you can replant the entire arrangement into a larger container. You should be able to enjoy your arrangement as delivered for up to a year. 

Do you take custom or large orders?

We love working with you on custom orders for parties, gift favours, corporate events, or any event in your life which can be made more special with Rosette arrangements! We require 6-8 weeks of advance notice for any custom or large order.  To place your order please contact sales@rosetteroom.co.uk with your order details and contact information. 

Got another question?

Please email hello@rosetteroom.co.uk with any additional questions you may have!  You can also contact us any time on Facebook and Instagram @RosetteRoom.  We are on hand to respond to all of your succulent related questions!